New York City Bum

A New Age Journey Through the Sewers of Paradise

Ten Years On the Streets of New York City


“This is a wild ride!”

A close look at an alternative path to personal liberation in modern America.

This is a true story. All names and places are real and did exist in New York City at the time of the telling (1980s and 90s). Any errors in documentation are accidental.

New York City Bum is presented as an odyssey, as well as a historical record, delineating the underground counterculture of urban street life, with emphasis on the crack culture, the homeless and their associations, including a few aberrant personalities.

This chronicle unfolds at a time when such taboo cultural symbiosis witnesses the decline of an era, and would be preserved by a writer of the age.

A New York Story


The amazing thing about New York City is you can get lost in it, in the space of a city block you can disappear.